09 June 2010

DOWNLOAD: Steel Nation - Split with Crucified

At the request of Steel Nation drummer Ethan Raese, here is the follow-up to 2007's album Soul Swallower - a split with California's Crucified. Steel Nation's two songs were the band's first recording after vocal duties were turned over to bassist Steve Fisher (singer for the now defunct Van Damage) and guitarist Neil Demi. The sound is an improvement upon Soul Swallower - vocally and musically, while the lyrics take an even more pessimistic tone with a lot of mention of pain and suffering. "Everything that I've ever loved has turned its back on me." I know its rhetorical, but I can't help but giggle at hardcore bands nowadays. (Sorry, Ethan.) I haven't even listened to the Crucified side of this split, but I have my presumptions. This is perfect for fans of Integrity, Ringworm or Biohazard.

Artist: Steel Nation/Crucified.
Album: Split.
Year: 2008.
For fans of: Integrity, Ringworm, Biohazard.

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