29 March 2011

DOWNLOAD: Junction - A Collection of Random Mishaps

Here is the discography from Junction, a band that at one point featured Jay Demko of Morgantown's Lincoln and Glendale. Here is a description from an old, good blog I used to follow:

"Junction were a 4 piece band from Pennsylvania who toed the line between post-hardcore and straightforward rock music. If there were ever a time for this kind of style to truly be heard then it takes place in the early 90's. Bands like Quicksand and Jawbox were heading the way with their almost radio friendliness, but there was always something that kept it from being so trite and consumable. It's sharp edges were still apparent, twisted forms left unpolished for others to glare at and eventually feel association with.

"Junction falls within these parameters. Exisiting from 1989 to 1993, they had a few releases on Significant Records and Art Monk Construction eventually released a discography in 1995. The vocals were sung by Vanessa and the guitars, two of them, pushing a distinctly DC-ish sound, were manned by Gregg and Ben, who later both played in Delta 72 with Ben eventually going on to play in the Capitol City Dusters. Vanessa later played in a very similarly structured band on Art Monk called Samuel [which featured J Marinelli].

"I personally have always loved the tense angularity of Junctions music juxtaposed with Vanessas smooth voice. She doesnt resort to cheesy vibratos or anything of the sort (ie. Elena from Ashes), instead coming off like a mix of Joan Jett and DC's own Chris Thompson. Definitely a rocker chick with some great lyrics to boot."

Artist: Junction
Album: A Collection of Random Mishaps
Year: 1995
For Fans Of: Quicksand, Jawbreaker, Lincoln

24 March 2011

WATCH: Jonathan Glen Wood & The Jewelbombs live in Louisville

Though the video below is more than a year old, Louisville-based singer-songwriter and Charleston native Jonathan Glen Wood continues to write, record and perform his personal brand of country-folk-indie tunes. If you're in Louisville, there are plenty of opportunities to see him there, or on one of his shows back in the Mountain State. (I am still waiting on him to make his way down to Texas.) Check out the video below of one performance in Louisville with backing band The Jewelbombs (featuring Andrew Iafrate on bass), but you can also download his debut EP, as well.

21 March 2011

DOWNLOAD: Librarians - Present Passed

Writing about Librarians' 2010 release Present Passed, a reviewer stated: "This excellent album finds album's full of adventure and capriciousness instead, even with short two-minute interludes like 'Island Jam' that fit wonderfully in the midst of a subtly complex album full of varying atmospheres and styles (from tropical-tinged pop to brooding folk)." Yes, it says 'album' three times in one sentence.

Anyway, it's a decent description of the psychedelic indie pop band's style, which has come a long way since releasing the group's debut Alright Easy Candy Stranger in 2006. Combining electronic sounds with traditional rock instrumentation and wistful vocals, this Morgantown band invites comparisons to plenty of Brooklyn-based bands like Grizzly Bear. It's hard not to believe if Librarians were based in a different city, they'd be getting the attention that seems to be reserved for mediocre bands based in hip scenes. Thanks to Pitchfork, the sub-genre of music to which Librarians would be placed is seemingly at its, and hopefully the band gets the listeners it deserves.

Artist: Librarians
Album: Present Passed
Year: 2010
For Fans Of: Grizzly Bear, Small Black, MGMT

11 March 2011

LISTEN: Spirit Night - Normal EP

It has been a busy few weeks, so I apologize for not posting much. I have some things queued up to post soon, though. For the time being, check out the new EP from Spirit Night, an excellent ambient post-rock (think Bon Iver, Iron & Wine) project from Morgantown's Dylan Balliett. Click here for a review of the EP from WVRockscene, or just give it a free listen (and download) below.

03 March 2011

LISTEN: M Iafrate - No Matter How Deep The Darkness, He Descends Deeper Still

A mere 24 hours after recording began, M Iafrate (with the help of producer David Klug, both formerly of The Minus Tide) has released his new 5-song EP No Matter How Deep The Darkness, He Descends Deeper Still. Great stuff. Give it a listen, then name your price and buy it.