08 December 2009

DOWNLOAD: J Marinelli - Dirty Poncho EP

Yesterday I posted a couple videos of Morgantown's J Marinelli, so I figured it was only reasonable to provide at least one record. Dirty Poncho is Marinelli's out-of-print vinyl EP from 2007. Fitting nicely into the middle of Marinelli's discography from the last four years, all the descriptive vocabulary for Dirty Poncho is the same as any other - lo-fi, noisy, upbeat, catchy, energetic, ragged, etc. I've already mentioned the comparisons to The Fall and Young Pioneers, but others have mentioned Lester Bangs and Hunter S. Thompson. (Note: I read reviews, I don't write them.) This is a man whose talent and music are so respected in the region that Morgantown bands made a tribute album of his songs.

Dirty Poncho at four songs is a short but lively and fun listen, and just a taste of the catalog J Marinelli has assembled over the years - and I recommend all of it.

Artist: J Marinelli.
Album: Dirty Poncho.
Year: 2007.
For Fans Of: The Fall, Young Pioneers, Hasil Adkins.

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