03 December 2009

WATCH: Flood, 1994, Nitro

In the mid-1990s, a lot of bands started forming and shows happening in and around Nitro, West Virginia (half-way between Charleston and Huntington). Brian Jarrett, who played in the band Flood, created an excellent archive and history of that scene during those years. The archive includes an extensive written history of Flood and Nitro, mp3s, photos, flyers, news articles and videos.

The Nitro scene came and went just a few years before I started getting involved in music in that part of the state, but bands such as Flood, Seven and Dirt Bear are legendary. This is a great source for learning about an integral part of the music scene in West Virginia, and hearing some new bands of all styles (mid-'90s, mind you). I recommend that anyone check out Brian's Nitro scene page. I have also included a couple videos of his band Flood from one of their shows at the LKM Auditorium from Nitro in April 1995.

With some help from friends, I plan to post some albums by aforementioned bands and more in the near future, so keep an eye out for that.

"The Contortionist."


"Martha's Menu to Exit."

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