18 December 2009

DOWNLOAD: Lincoln - Discography

This unofficial collection includes Hoover/Linoln split, Watermark 7" (both from 1993), and the band's last 7" on Art Monk Construction (1994). All of which is essential. I have nothing else to say, but be sure to check out the videos in the previous post.

Art Monk Construction on the Lincoln/Hoover split: "It wasn't until over three years after having released this two-song seven inch was I told that I learned that it is so widely held to be the hallmark of the emo genre as it is known today. The fact thay any would pigeon-hole this creation is of greater tragedy than the most searing chord it strikes. Both Lincoln and Dischord recording artists Hoover took the angst and heartfelt restlessness of hardcore and intricately wove it into a fabric channeled by syncopated rhythms and vocals that yearned without plea for pity. The message is sent mid-tempo, yet written by scarred hand in tumultuous melody. No sleep for the self-declared wicked, a record that after almost five years still speaks with ferociousness to the firery woebegotten."

Artist: Lincoln.
Album: Hoover/Lincoln split, Watermark 7", Linoln 7".
Years: 1993-94.
For Fans Of: Swiz, Unwound, Converge.

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  1. I heard there was an unreleased track Lincoln recorded with the Art Monk songs that was too long to fit on one side of a 7 inch and that may have been destined for a never-released Watermark compilation record. Anyone know anything about it?