29 April 2011

DOWNLOAD: Th' Inbred - Kissin' Cousins

Here is the second LP from Morgantown's Th' Inbred. Eventually, the band's discography was released by Jello Biafra's label Alternative Tentacles as the album A Legacy of Fertility, but all of this legendary Mountain State band's material is available here and certainly worth checking out.

"Th' Inbred was a terrific band in the mid-80s. These West Virginians played a unique, intricate and untraditional Hardcore, called “Mutant Jazz-Core”. In their lyrics, they attacked American policies, Satanism, Christianity, apathy and much more. The band had talented musicians that played very tight music."

Artist: Th' Inbred
Album: Kissin' Cousins
Year: 1988
For Fans Of: Dead Kennedys, Crucifucks, Circle Jerks

28 April 2011

DOWNLOAD: Th' Inbred - Reproduction 7"

To complement yesterday's post of Th' Inbred's debut LP A Family Affair, here is their Reproduction 7" from one year earlier in 1985. "Fast cynical hardcore punk from these (Morgantown,) West Virginians, I guess the closest comparison would be Dead Kennedys. This is a really good single with a lot of quirkiness and excellent vocals."

Artist: Th' Inbred
Album: Reproduction 7"
Year: 1985
For Fans Of: Dead Kennedys, Crucifux, Circle Jerks

27 April 2011

DOWNLOAD: Th' Inbred - A Family Affair

Th' Inbred were a hardcore punk band from Morgantown during the mid- to late-'80s. According to Wikipedia, "The original idea was of a punk band that incorporated a banjo into the band. While the banjo never made it, a strong sense of humor and a willing (and ability) to play whatever came to mind made this band a strong entry, leading to many opening gigs for nationally known groups and three tours. Subject matter of the songs included many songs looking critically at the punk scenes they were (or had been) a part of or linked to."

A Family Affair was the first of their full-length albums and was released in 1986. Last Days of Man on Earth says of the album, "This one is a fucking gem. ... I ended up loving [A Family Affair] because it was so critical of the scene I had just walked away from. The song "Positive Youth" alone, really summed up why I wasn’t into hardcore anymore. See, Th’Inbred really weren’t raging against Reagan or normal society. Instead they were raging against the scene itself.

"Musically, Th’Inbred were as tight as fuck. I’ve heard them compared to The Crucifucks and The Dead Kennedys. Both comparisons are valid. ... It's hard to believe, but we took bands like this for granted back then. Listening to it now, I am blown away by its overall awesomeness."

Artist: Th' Inbred
Album: A Family Affair
Year: 1986
For Fans Of: The Dead Kennedys, Crucifucks, Circle Jerks

25 April 2011

WATCH: Th' Inbred, live in Morgantown, 1988

J Marinelli described this band as "..prog/jazz/thrash death from Morgantown, WV, 1988."

Aaron Crothers of The Emergency said, "This is great for so many reasons, not the least of which is the proof that Robert Bowers does. not. age."

Enjoy this and additional videos from the show on YouTube.

11 April 2011

DOWNLOAD: Steel Nation - Forever Wounded

Here is the most recent full-length release from Pittsburgh's Steel Nation, which features drummer Ethan Raese, whose first gig was as a teenager in Morgantown hardcore band The Warriors. This album is 13 songs, about 35 minutes of heavy, brutal and honest hardcore with plenty of hard riffs, dual vocals and a lot of double bass from Ethan. It sounds straight from the mid-'90s (a good thing) and comparisons to Ringworm, Integrity, Biohazard or Pale Horse are much deserved.

From a reviewer: "Unlike many hardcore records that are accorded more hype and credit than they should, 'Forever Wounded' is built on an ethos of all work, no slack. Neither Neil and Steve’s vocals, nor their Slayer-influenced buzzsaw guitars, nor Ethan’s relentless double-bass drumming let up for one second. Therein lies the formula for animalistic crossover with a whole greater than the sum of its parts. 'Forever Wounded' is the kind of record that can successfully bludgeon metal-hungry audiences just as much as fickle hardcore kids, provided Morrissey isn’t your God."

Artist: Steel Nation
Album: Forever Wounded
Year: 2009
For Fans Of: Ringworm, Biohazard, Integrity

08 April 2011

WATCH: Steel Nation live in Richmond, 2010

Here is a pretty solid video of Steel Nation playing in Richmond, Virginia, in early 2010. From what I understand, they are recording a new album due out this year. According to drummer Ethan Raese (a native of Morgantown), it is the best stuff they have done yet.

04 April 2011

LISTEN: Pike Holt - Call Me Up

It's been a little less than a decade since the release of the Complete Strangers' brilliant self-titled album, which still stands as one of my favorite albums ever from a West Virginia-related band. Its blending of styles that range from The Stooges to the Talking Heads, Velvet Underground to Prince, was unique, ahead of its time, but simply fun and exciting.

The mastermind of that band was Pike Holt, who is still at it making music in Columbus, Ohio. As part of his current solo venture, he has released a new track called "Call Me Up." It rings of Complete Strangers, but with a matured approach to rock and roll. I can't wait to hear what comes soon from Pike.