11 April 2011

DOWNLOAD: Steel Nation - Forever Wounded

Here is the most recent full-length release from Pittsburgh's Steel Nation, which features drummer Ethan Raese, whose first gig was as a teenager in Morgantown hardcore band The Warriors. This album is 13 songs, about 35 minutes of heavy, brutal and honest hardcore with plenty of hard riffs, dual vocals and a lot of double bass from Ethan. It sounds straight from the mid-'90s (a good thing) and comparisons to Ringworm, Integrity, Biohazard or Pale Horse are much deserved.

From a reviewer: "Unlike many hardcore records that are accorded more hype and credit than they should, 'Forever Wounded' is built on an ethos of all work, no slack. Neither Neil and Steve’s vocals, nor their Slayer-influenced buzzsaw guitars, nor Ethan’s relentless double-bass drumming let up for one second. Therein lies the formula for animalistic crossover with a whole greater than the sum of its parts. 'Forever Wounded' is the kind of record that can successfully bludgeon metal-hungry audiences just as much as fickle hardcore kids, provided Morrissey isn’t your God."

Artist: Steel Nation
Album: Forever Wounded
Year: 2009
For Fans Of: Ringworm, Biohazard, Integrity

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