29 April 2011

DOWNLOAD: Th' Inbred - Kissin' Cousins

Here is the second LP from Morgantown's Th' Inbred. Eventually, the band's discography was released by Jello Biafra's label Alternative Tentacles as the album A Legacy of Fertility, but all of this legendary Mountain State band's material is available here and certainly worth checking out.

"Th' Inbred was a terrific band in the mid-80s. These West Virginians played a unique, intricate and untraditional Hardcore, called “Mutant Jazz-Core”. In their lyrics, they attacked American policies, Satanism, Christianity, apathy and much more. The band had talented musicians that played very tight music."

Artist: Th' Inbred
Album: Kissin' Cousins
Year: 1988
For Fans Of: Dead Kennedys, Crucifucks, Circle Jerks

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