01 December 2009

WATCH: The Dick Brothers - "West Virginia, My Home"

West Virginia music veterans Michael Iafrate (The Minus Tide, COBRA) and Andrew Iafrate (The Pariah Prophecy) make up the duo The Dick Brothers. With Michael based in Toronto, Canada, and Andrew in Louisville, Kentucky, The Dick Brothers is not a full-time band but instead a sporadic collaboration between the singer-songwriter siblings originally from Parkersburg. The pair have recorded two albums and one EP consisting of original tracks mixed with Appalachian/bluegrass/traditional cover songs penned by the likes of Hazel Dickens, The Stanley Brothers and Gillian Welch.

Here is a video featuring Dickens' bluegrass state-pride anthem "West Virginia, My Home" from The Dick Brothers' first self-titled album. (Albums will be made available for download in the near future.) Enjoy.

The Dick Brothers - "West Virginia, My Home."

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