21 December 2009

DOWNLOAD: American Minor - Demo

Before Charleston's American Minor was a guitar-thick southern rock outfit, before they all had shoulder-length hair and before they ever signed to the same record label as Britney Spears, they were an intimate alt country band. Better known for the Lynard Skynard-esque style of their self-titled album on Jive Records, American Minor in their beginning in 2002 sounded more like the lovechild of Ryan Adams and Uncle Tupelo.

It was in 2003 when the the band replaced guitarist Zac Ray with Bud Carroll that the band took a new direction with its sound. The unquestionably talented Carroll's loud-and-dirty rock riffs and blues leads turned up the volume on the once-bittersweet-sounding band. Eventually American Minor received the common major label treatment of being dropped, which led to the group's break-up.

In the end, American Minor's ambition, dedication and musicianship earned them deserved success that evades most bands - especially from West Virginia. A four-song demo recorded and released soon after the band's formation was then an indication of the band's eventual national success, but is now just an illustration of the roots of this group of talented musicians. More lap steel and Telecaster than drums and Les Paul, the early songs of American Minor are organic and earnest and just fun to hear. "My desperate heart can see you done gone and forgot me."

Artist: American Minor.
Album: Demo.
Year: 2002.
For Fans Of: Ryan Adams, Uncle Tupelo, The Old '97s.

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