14 December 2009

DOWNLOAD: Apart From the Projector - Lover's Knot

Existing from 2000-2001, Apart From the Projector was a short-lived band from the Charleston area that rightfully so gets the emo, indie, experimental, prog rock nods. Heavy on the instrumentation including three guitarists and a moog, AFTP combined the distorted electronic melodies and moany vocals of bands like Cap'n Jazz or Braid with the hectic rock of Trail of Dead.

Not so much known for featuring ex-members of Charleston bands Down To None, Blind Lead Blind and Dead Ant Farm, the guys of Apart From the Project went on to form bands such as American Minor and moons. Before moving on to new projects, AFTP played a number of commuving, high energy shows and released the four-song EP Lover's Knot (on the West Virginia-based label Action Driver). Like the life of the band, the album released in 2000 is short but powerful and an accurate representation of the excitement created by AFTP's live set. This record is just one example of many of the variety of interesting, creative and quality music coming out of the Charleston-Huntington area from 2000-2003.

Artist: Apart From the Projector.
Album: Lover's Knot.
Year: 2000.
For Fans Of: Cap'n Jazz, At the Drive In, No Knife.

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