07 December 2009

WATCH: J Marinelli, 2009, Morgantown

Legendary Morgantown musician J Marinelli has gotten a lot of press over the years. On his MySpace page, quotes from reviews compare him to The Fall, Young Pioneers, Billy Bragg, and West Virginia's own Daniel Johnston and Hasil Adkins. So maybe you get an idea. Now based in Lexington, Kentucky, Marinelli is a one-man band of lo-fi punk-rockabilly-folk rock. As pictured above, the former Braille Drivers front man plays the guitar and harmonica, drums and sings at his shows, which include a lot of booze and singing along. See for yourself.

Here are a couple videos from two of J Marinelli's shows earlier this year at 213 Green Street in Morgantown.

From Marinelli's tribute to Daniel Johnston:

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