09 December 2009

DOWNLOAD: Chum - 1994 EPs

Huntington, West Virginia, is a heavy metal, hard rock town. James Maynard Keenan could be in a Robert C. Byrd-like state in a wheelchair on stage and Tool would still sell out the local Big Sandy Superstore Arena.

Maybe that explains why Huntington has produced a couple really good heavy bands - the best of them being Chum. Chum hailed from Huntington and were at their peak around 1996 when the band released Dead to the World on Century Media Records. A self-described "heavy, yet melodic" band, Chum played music in the vein of King's X, Faith No More, or, yes, Tool.

Before their major label debut, the group led by singer-guitarist John Lancaster released two EP cassettes in 1994 - Postblisstheory and God Given. The two EPs sent the band on tour and landed them at CBGBs - a performance that got them signed. Both EPs represent a natural progression into the eventual Dead to the World full-length. Chum was eventually dropped by Century Media and disbanded. Despite their initial short-lived career, they helped establish Huntington as the heavy music haven that it is - unfortunately no band of the genre has managed to hold a flame to the songs Chum recorded between between 1994 - 96.

Artist: Chum.
Albums: Postblisstheory, God Given.
Year: 1994.
For Fans Of: King's X, Faith No More, Helmet.

DOWNLOAD: Chum - God Given.

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