04 December 2009

DOWNLOAD: A Radio With Guts - Beat Heart Sweet Stereo

A Radio With Guts is best known as Brandon Tussey's band after the break-up of Connie Dungs. ARWG is a continuation of the direction Connie Dungs was taking with their final record Eternal Bad Luck Charm. Like a Charles Bukowski poem - from which the band's name is taken - 2003's Beat Heart Sweat Stereo is the product of booze and heartbreak. The music is poppy yet melancholic - not unlike Leatherface, Dillinger 4 or Samiam. Brandon's vocals are from the throat of someone who may often have a cigarette in one hand and a bottle in the other - not unlike Frankie Stubbs or Bukowski. And the lyrics are about such aforementioned products - whiskey, women, tragedy, Bukowski. (The band is from the Ashland, Kentucky-Ohio River-Tri-state area, of course they're miserable.)

In a genre hijacked by contrived desperation and hopelessness, A Radio With Guts offer a harsh reality of emotions while playing enjoyable, catchy pop punk songs without even hinting at over-production. This record comes highly recommended.

Artist: A Radio With Guts.
Album: Beat Heart Sweet Stereo.
Year: 2003.
For Fans Of: Leatherface, Dillinger 4, Samiam.

* This record is still available via mp3 for purchase, so if you like it, buy it.

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