07 October 2010

DOWNLOAD: Spirit Night - What We Will Be

Spirit Night is the solo effort Shepherdstown native Dylan Balliett. Now based in Morgantown, Balliett sought out players such as FOX Japan drummer Pete Wilmoth and other friends to turn a portfolio of songs he had written over the past five years into a full-length album of weary, autumnal indie pop rock. Taking a lead from successful ambient and brooding artists such as Bon Iver or Iron & Wine, Spirit Night also has a quirkiness to their style in the vein of The Dodos.

From WVRockscene.com: "Friends, females, drugs, peeing in Gatorade bottles, machine guns with bunny rabbit ears, and just not knowing what the future holds after school; it’s all here. And like most great records, What We Will Be seems to flow nicely as a whole, from beginning to end, with uptempo catchy pop favorites of ours like “Bear Costume” and“Brains” allowing the more mellow, reverb and ambient feel of other songs like “Don’t Miss Me” and “125” to sink their hooks into yer noggin."

Artist: Spirit Night
Album: What We Will Be
Year: 2010
For fans of: Bon Iver, Iron & Wine, The Dodos

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