15 April 2010

READ: WVRockScene Blog

Nick Harrah at the blog WVRockScene.blogspot.com was gracious enough this week to do a post about Soft Rock Renegade. First, thanks to Nick for the support of the blog, but also the support of the West Virginia music scene.

While SRR serves mostly as an archive of music of the past, WVRockScene has been an up-to-date source for happenings in the Mountain State since at least January 2008. His nearly 300 posts to the site have included reviews of new records and shows; interviews with local musicians; music and video posts; event/show announcements; and general news about bands, tours, releases and more. Taking pride in their work, Nick and crew have done an wonderful job of promoting artists and shows and maintaining an impressive array content including a Top 10 CDs of 2009 list, a roast of Huntington's Jeff Ellis, and news of a Byzantine reunion. And for West Virginia ex-pats like myself, the blog has been essential in keeping up with what is new in my home state. So thanks again to Nick and WVRockScene.blogspot.com for the good work and for the kind words about this blog.

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