03 May 2010

DOWNLOAD: M Iafrate - The Struggling Efforts of My Boyish Tongue

Apologies for the lack of updates over the last month. It's a busy time of the year for the author of this blog. So to get us back on track is some of the early recordings of one of West Virginia's most important musical players Michael Iafrate.

Michael Iafrate, older brother of recently featured Andrew Iafrate, is probably best known for playing in Wheeling's sci-fi-rock-metal group The Minus Tide. But since the early '90s, Mikey, as he was known then, has been an singer-songwriter cranking out progressively impressive bittersweet but poppy acoustic tracks. Recorded while in college in Wheeling, The Struggling Efforts of My Boyish Tongue is a lo-fi collection of such earnest songs from a musician taking influence influence from R.E.M., Elliott Smith and Nick Drake. Though, the quality of Iafrate's songwriting and sound production have all improved over the last decade, the tracks of My Boyish Tongue are mature - both conceptually and creatively - and after twelve years remain heartfelt and fun. And there is much more to come from Mr. Iafrate this week.

Artist: M Iafrate.
Album: The Struggling Efforts of My Boyish Tongue.
Year: 1998.
For fans of: R.E.M., Elliott Smith, Nick Drake.

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