07 May 2010

DOWNLOAD: M Iafrate / S Decker - Split

Skipping ahead five years from his 1998 releases, here is Michael Iafrate's split with friend and fellow member of Killed At Camp Sean Decker. This split represents the progression of Iafrate's songwriting that comes with age and experience. While Iafrate's genteel voice, organic guitar strumming and personal but clever lyrics remain, the songs of this split take a giant leap forward in structural and stylistic maturity from earlier material. On this split, it is apparent he started taking more influence from neo-tradition folk songwriters such as Will Oldham and Gillian Welch, which added a new element to Iafrate's tone.

On the other side of the record is Sean Decker's five tracks, which take on stylish instrumentation with vocals a little more theatrical than his counterpart - think Rufus Wainright or a less brooding Jeff Buckley. This is two of the state's most talented and imaginative singer-songwriters on one album.

Artist: M Iafrate / S Decker.
Album: Split.
Year: 2003.
For fans of: Will Oldham, Rufus Wainright, Jeff Buckley.

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