13 May 2010

DOWNLOAD: Mr. Fancy Pants - So You Think You Can Pants

For more than a decade Sean Decker has been involved with a number musical ventures in the Wheeling area. His resume includes indie rock outfits Five Minute Conspiracy, Killed At Camp and Horns to the Matador as well as a solo split with Michael Iafrate. His most recent project is Mr. Fancy Pants, which recently released its first album So You Think You Can Pants.

Unequal parts Elvis Costello, My Morning Jacket and Yo La Tengo, Mr. Fancy Pants is as quirky as it is raucous - a blend of mid-90s rock and sweetly melodic pop. Decker's Jeff Buckley-esque voice accessorized by some background crooning is spread out over elements of shoegaze, psychedelic jazz, and lo-fi garage rock driven by capable musicianship. Coining itself as "Wheeling's favorite band that it's never heard of," Decker and company haven taken a D.I.Y. approach to role as a band - So You Think You Can Pants was recorded by friend Dallas Campbell (The Minus Tide, Drown Culture) and the band has released the album online for $1. Decker's ability to take elements of so many musical influences and blend them into a final product that is truly avant garde is why he continues to re-emerge as the influential and innovative songwriter that he is. And Mr. Fancy Pants is just the latest representation of that innovativeness.

Artist: Mr. Fancy Pants.
Album: So You Think You Can Pants.
Year: 2010.
For fans of: Elvis Costello, My Morning Jacket, Yo La Tengo.

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  1. Thanks for the review, Mike. I don't know what you are talking about...I think you write great reviews (at least you write great reviews about how great I am).