24 March 2010

WATCH: The Minus Tide live in Charleston, S.C.

Formed around 2001, The Minus Tide made an instant splash in West Virginia and the region, which had been overwhelmed with watered-down metalcore acts. Comprised of members of defunct Wheeling bands Killed At Camp and Horns To the Matador, The Minus Tide blended metal, screamo, rock and science fiction thrust into the face of the band's listeners by dualing guitars, synth effects and tormented vocals. In five years, The Minus Tide recorded progressively interesting and challenging records, and developed a strong following on the East Coast, before going on hiatus for the members' personal pursuits.

Here is a 23-minute video (year unkown) of The Minus Tide playing a show in Charleston, South Carolina. Though the quality is sub-par, it gives you an idea of the power and precision of one of West Virginia's most talent and creatively unique bands.

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