22 March 2010

READ: Plural Us Singular interviews Jeremiah Munsey

Aaron Flanagan is a Charleston native booked shows around the state, as well as fronted the Morgantown hardcore band The Warriors. Aaron, a faculty member at Columbia College in Chicago where he received an M.F.A. in poetry, now runs the blog Plural Us Singular. The fairly new blog is a series of interviews with writers and other creative types talking about literature, art, screen, sports and more.

Plural Us Singular most recently interviewed Jeremiah Munsey, the Morgantown native and singer of Law Biting Citizens who is now an M.F.A. playwriting student at UNLV. In the interview, Jeremiah and Aaron discuss all things mentioned above from Daniel Day Lewis, poverty, folk-allure and French football. It is a lengthy, but interesting and entertaining read. To get an idea what former West Virginia punk-hardcore scene players are up to now, check it out.

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