31 March 2010

LOOK: The Art of Dane Klingaman

A native of San Francisco/Minneapolis, Dane Klingman, 24, came to Charleston to play college baseball. Since graduating from the University of Charleston where he majored in painting, Dane has been one of the driving forces in jump-starting a fresh contemporary art scene in the capital city. He also owns and resides at the Hansford Art House, a DIY gallery that shows work of the region's best and also up-and-coming artists. As one of the state's most promising creative talents, Dane's own work has been featured at the Clay Center, Callen McJunkin Gallery, and West Virginia Cultural Center.

A die hard baseball fan (he can often be found at West Virginia Power games), and also a listener of indie rock and hip-hop, the work often includes sports imagery or a graffiti/street-inspired graphic nature. Of himself and his work, Dane once said: "I am an abstract painter with modernist influences just as much as the obvious postmodern ones. I make art from found objects, and react to things I make art with such as old paint, enamel, and found color. Today I am exploring the serious and overlooked layers of everyday things like sleeping, dying, and talking to people."

Dane's work is available for purchase in and around Charleston. To learn more about Dane and his work, please visit his Web site at: http://daklingaman.tumblr.com. Or read about him on Art:304.

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