25 March 2010

DOWNLOAD: Truck Grind Your Face - Truck Grind Your Face

A crude drawing of a dancing punk with spiked hair, boots, studded belt and a 40 coupled with handmade ransom letters that spell out the band's name Truck Grind Your Face gives a pretty good idea what this Morgantown band was like. Truck Grind (for short) mixed elements of bands such as Dropdead, The Necros and Caustic Christ into a style that was part crust punk, part skate-core, and part thrash.

At the front of Truck Grind's unmistakable sound is Mark's voice, which is straight from the throat - snarling and abrasive - yet the perfect tool for delivering lyrics that teeter between pissed off ("Wake Up America," "Fuck Off") and cynically humorous ("Turn Your Head and Cough"). The music is barrage of no-frills power-chord distortion and chaotic drums that invites a circle pit from start to finish.

This cassette tape released around 2001 - during the pinnacle of an impressive hardcore-punk scene in Morgantown - is eight short track tracks of non-stop energetic and relentless crusty thrash from a group with the best band name ever.

Artist: Truck Grind Your Face.
Album: Truck Grind Your Face.
Year: 2001.
For fans of: Dropdead, Caustic Christ, The Necros.

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  1. Thank you incredibly for making this available. I injured myself and so many others innumerable times at 516 before, during and after these living room shows, and my attempts to get the recorded tracks have been utter failures.

    My urge to mosh in the middle of my tiny studio apartment right now is nearly irresistible, but there are no Munseys or Joshes or Gavins to pick me up.

    Bite the hand that feeds you