11 November 2010

WATCH: Weekend - Monongah, WV

I was reading about this band's new record on Pitchfork this morning: "This San Francisco noise-pop trio make one of the most promising indie rock records of the year." The band is Weekend, and Pitchfork gave the record - entitled Sports - an 8.2. The site has an affection for lo-fi pop shoegaze, and I had a presumption of what Weekend would sound like. (Admittedly, I've totally bought into the lo-fi shoegaze revival of the last couple years, so I was looking forward to hearing it.) I went to do my research when I soon noticed a track on the Bay Area band's new album had the home-state-centric title of "Monongah, WV." I have no explanation of the significance behind the title or if the band has any ties to small town outside of Fairmont, but it certainly encouraged my interest in Weekend. Nor can I quite understand the lyrics, which are chanted by breathy vocals, so that provides no hint. UPDATE BELOW. But below is a video of "Monongah, WV," so check it out - especially fans of My Bloody Valentine and Joy Division, as well as contemporaries such as The Fresh & Onlys and (Slumberland counterpart) Girls. (Note: "Monongah, WV" doesn't actually start until about 4:16 on the video as it is preceded by the ambient instrumental track "Monday Morning.")
I contacted the band today asking what the inspiration for the song was, and singer Shaun Durkan was kind enough to respond:
It's loosely about the coalmine collapse in 1907 in monongah, and the only survivor Peter Urban. Survivors guilt. Thanks for the interest.


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