26 November 2010

READ: Soft Rock Renegade turns one year old

One year ago today, I made the first post on this blog. Running a blog that archives music from West Virginia was something I always wanted to do, but I'm a little surprised I have kept it up for a year. It wouldn't have happened without the support and encouragement of those who read SRR, submit material and send me comments. It makes me realize I'm spending time on something people enjoy. Appropriately on the day after Thanksgiving, I say, Thanks.

To celebrate the one year anniversary the best I can from my bed at home, I am reposting the Top 5 most downloaded albums posted to the blog. (And apologies for the cheesy image at the top. Thank Google.) Please take some time and go back through the last year of posts and check out some of the material that is on here. There are so many good bands, albums available for download, videos and more. I hope to be doing this for another year.

Top 5 Most Downloaded Albums on Soft Rock Renegade:

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