26 November 2009

WATCH: Malicious Intent live at Common Grounds in Charleston, 1999

I have created this blog because I have/had a lot of friends who make good music. On this blog, I will post albums, demos, videos, photos, etc. of those bands and others.
For starters, here are some videos of Malicious Intent in 1999 at the Common Grounds - an incredible all-ages club in Charleston, West Virginia. MI, as they were affectionately know by their regional fan base, were friends of mine from my home town in Bridgeport, West Virginia. They were great guys who created interesting and entertaining punk-infused death metal for many years before it was ever an intentional genre of hardcore.
During their career, MI went through a number of personnel changes but retained its two core members J.D. Smallridge on vocals and Dave Crawford on guitar. The band put out three albums - the tapes Creation Denied and The Sound of Diesel, as well as the full-length CD Death Pop. I will be posting these in the future. For the time being, check out the videos, and keep up with the blog.
"Pitchfork Eye."
"Blood 19."
And some even earlier footage from the early '90s in Salem, West Virginia.
Videos courtesy of David Crawford.

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