28 November 2009

WATCH: The Beautiful Down, 2004, Huntington

The Beautiful Down is still one of my favorite bands from the state of West Virginia. Based in Huntington, 3/4 of the band were from Boone County, home of the infamous (and unfortunate) Jesco White. (Josh Hager, drums, and Joey DeHart, guitar, had matching "Boone Co." tattoos on their ass.)

TBD's shows - like their house parties - were loud, fun, booze-fueled and always better than the previous. With seemingly apparent influences from At the Drive In and Hum, their music was like nothing else being produced in the region. Had this band's members been more ambitious about their music than their college studies (education is important), The Beautiful Down could have made a living performing and recording.

Here is an entire show TBD played at a bar in Huntington in Spring 2004. Admittedly, this band of beer-drinkin' hillbillies wasn't the best-dressed or the most handsome, but they wrote great songs and played with a lot of energy and always had a good time.

I will be posting both of their records very soon.

"Ruin of You."

"Are We Safe Yet."

"Deconstructing Your Monument."

"A Place I Fear."


"A Light in the Hollow."

"I Could Never Be."

"Constructing Your Monument."

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