27 November 2009

LISTEN: Wheeling, West Virginia Hardcore Mp3 Archive

A lad by the name of Corey who used to play in the bands Bala and Union Deposit road has created an archive of hardcore/punk from Wheeling, West Virginia, from the early '90s. This archive was sent to me by my Wheeling-native friend David who played in bands like The Minus Tide, Cobra and Five Minute Conspiracy. Because of my age and and my location, it is a scene I was never a part of and there are bands with which I am not familiar. There are a number of streaming/downloadable songs, and some really good stuff there. I highly recommend taking some take to listen to it or downloading the songs.

I spent most of my youth playing in various punk/hardcore bands. In the early 90s Wheeling, West Virginia was not exactly a mecca for this fringe culture, but there were about 200 or so kids that would come out to shows. We would book and promote shows anywhere we could rent space. The following archive is my document of that time. Please contact me if you have anything else that could be added to this page; photos, flyers, mp3s, etc."

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