30 November 2009

LOOK: Buswater Art Exhibition, Charleston, Dec. 4-6

Though, I no longer live in West Virginia, I encourage anyone who lives near Charleston to go to this. It's always great art by young, interesting local artists in a unique show space. If you go, take money, support the artists and get something for your walls.

BUSWATER Art Exhibition

1520 Kanawha Boulevard East
Charleston, West Virginia

December 4: 6 pm - 10 pm
December 5: 3 pm - 10 pm
December 6: 12 pm - 6 pm

Artists: Erica Ash, Staci Leech, Mark Earnhart, Amanda Jane Miller, Jason Kiley, Adrian Blackstock, Jeff Pierson, Scott McMillian, Jamie Miller, Garrett Shane Bryant, Jonathan Matthews, Erin White, Betty Gay, Rob Cleland, Joey Elswick, Todd Griffith, Justin Cornell, Angel Harless, Robbie Moore, Vasilia Scouras, Kerry Bingaman.

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