28 November 2009

DOWNLOAD: The Beautiful Down - Ashes and Vanity / Of Angels and Of Men

This album includes two records by The Beautiful Down including 2004's Ashes and Vanity and the 2002 demo ...Of Angels and Of Men (tracks 1-6 and 7-10, respectively). Considering these songs were written and rehearsed in a house that's walls were plastered with magazine tear-outs of bikini-clad women and stolen road signs, The Beautiful Down was a band with mature songs and a lot of potential for commercial accessibility.

As stated in the post below, The Beautiful Down wears its influences on its sleeves. At the Drive In's Relationship of Command had achieved its pinnacle of success just as the songs on Of Angels were being written. As the popularity of bands like ATDI faded, so did their influence on TBD. On Ashes and Vanity, a sound that is not only more original but also more personal and sincere shines through - slightly (but unintentionally) hinting at bands like The Dismemberment Plan and Failure from time-to-time.

Soon after the recording of Ashes and Vanity, The Beautiful Down called it quits - so not many people have even heard this record. So please, check it out.

Artist: The Beautiful Down
Album: Ashes and Vanity / ...Of Angels and Of Men
Year: 2002-2004
For Fans Of: At The Drive In, Hum, The Dismemberment Plan

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