30 November 2009

DOWNLOAD: The Peckerheads - Songs For a White Trash Wedding

When most non-Appalachians read this blog, an image of Evan Fedorko's recreational lifestyle is probably what they envision of all of us. Evan is a geographer by weekday, but a bearded, earth-tone-clad fly fisherman and hunter by weekend. Somewhere in the last ten years, Evan also led The Peckerheads as the band's singer/guitarist.

The point of this never-overly serious band from Morgantown was to have a good time. Self-described as "Johnny Cash covering NOFX," The Peckerheads were booze-fueled pop punk (before that term came with a negative connotation) with fast songs, catchy choruses, and lyrics about... well... boozin' mostly. These Songs For a White Trash Wedding are less that, instead are sincerely tongue-in-cheek anthems of having fun with friends.

Artist: The Peckerheads.
Album: Songs For a White Trash Wedding.
Year: 2001.
For Fans Of: Jawbreaker, NOFX, Leatherface.

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