06 July 2011

DOWNLOAD: J. Marinelli - Keep It Fake

Keep It Fake is the 16-song album from Morgantown's lo-fi, one-man band legend J. Marinelli (Arcane Rifles, Glendale). Consistently drawing comparisons to Hasil Adkins and Mark E. Smith of The Fall, one reviewer writes of Keep It Fake: "Most of the songs are short pop tunes with a big dose of punk attitude and aesthetic. The disc is crammed full of loud, catchy tunes that rock, which is what pop music should be all about, at least in my mind." The track "Telephone Teeth" has always been one of the highlights of Marinelli's impressive body of solo material.

Artist: J. Marinelli
Album: Keep It Fake
Year: 2007
For Fans Of: Hasil Adkins, The Fall, Daniel Johnston

DOWNLOAD: J. Marinelli - Keep It Fake*
*Download link fixed on 31 July 2011.

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