07 July 2011

WATCH: FüD (food), CD release show, 2002

How did this video exist on YouTube for three months before I found it? How have only 16 people watched it before me? This is pure brilliance - a FüD (food) show in its entirety. This is their CD release show in 2002 at the Brickhouse in St. Albans - all 13 minutes of it before the show is seemingly shut down.

If you're not already familiar, FüD (food) were the Boone County duo of Mick McMick (keytar) and Orange Stuff (garbage can/drums) playing pure comically genius proto-punk. This short-lived band is still one of my favorite ever local live acts. Eccentric, sarcastic and rousing, it was always a joy to scream along to songs like "My Butts A' Bleedin!!! I'll Call Ya Back Later," "Popeye's Legs" and "Two Brothers Fucking." I truly miss their shows.

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