29 January 2010

DOWNLOAD: FüD (food)- FüDLAND (foodland)

FüD (food) was Mick McMick and Orange Stuff. Their story involves kitchen fires, kangaroo meat, broken legs, a coal truck, more kitchen fires, Taco Bell, gay bath houses, Cocoon, and more kitchen fires. Until around 2002, when FüD (food) came to exist with Mick McMick on the Casio keyboard and theremin, and Orange Stuff on makeshift drums and trash can. It was then that songs like "All You Do Is Set Around and Eat That Chex Mix Anymore, You Don't Even Eat Real Food," "Robin WIlliams Jackin' Off In a Cup of Tea," and "My Butts A' Bleedin!!! I'll Call Ya Back Later" were born.

Hailing from Bloomingrose, West Virginia (look it up), and caped in brightly-colored bed sheets, a mask and fake beard, FüD (food) took the region by storm with their loud and rambunctious lives shows and hard-not-to-sing-along-to anthems (including others like "Popeye's Legs" and "Fuckin' Delicious).

Okay. Okay. It's hard enough to write about this band. Even more difficult to do it in a serious manner. The only point I can make is if you do take music too seriously, turn away now. FüD (food) is a band that can only be enjoyed by those who laugh with and sing along to some of the most senseless, crude and abrasive electro pop rock you'll ever find. Just download it and give it a good listen. I can almost guarantee this blog is the only place you'll find this record on the Internet. Take advantage of it.

Artist: FüD (food).
Album: FüDLAND (foodland).
Year: 2003.
For Fans Of: Frank Zappa, Dead Milkmen, Chumbawumba.

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  1. Holy shit! FuD! I saw these guys open for The Lost Sounds at Punk Rock Prom, and I think at the YWCA. God. And you posted some 69 Fingers? Damn!