05 January 2010

DOWNLOAD: Killer Affiliates - The Chelsea Grin

Dayone Media was founded in 2003 by Samuel Harshbarger and Justin Leonard, better known as Meuwel and L-No, respectively. Based out of Morgantown, Meuwl and L-No's intention was to bring original hip-hop music, production, live shows and media to an area with not yet recognized for its talent and style in the genre.

In 2007, Dayone presented the album The Chelsea Grin from Killer Affiliates, the collaboration of producer-rappers Meuwl and L-No. The record also featured local emcees Ace Beanz, B Rude, Paycheck Game, along with Morgantown's most successful hip-hop big hitter 6'6" 240. With production and flow styles hinting at Blackalicious, Brother Ali or Rob Sonic, Harshbarger's and Leonard's indie/punk rock influences also show up at times.

Too many "white rappers" struggle to have a personal style that doesn't sound like a mimic of an emcee of the same race before them - Beastie Boys, MC Search, Cage, Aesop, or the lesser interesting Atmosphere, Sage Francis or Eminem. The rap style is often too snotty, too silly, or too trying-to-sound-not-white. For Meuwl, his word flow came with an ease that any emcee wishes to have, and only the best do. His style also had variety, and unlike too many rappers, didn't sound the same from track to track - his rhymes were some times swift and punchy, and on the next song slow and smooth. He had the ability to be funny both with his lyrics and his delivery, and he had the ability to make you think. Meuwl was not only a good emcee, a clever lyricist, but an all-around intelligent and aware individual - the valedictorian of his high school graduating class.

Long before his untimely death this past November, Meuwl was putting himself into a class of hip-hop artists that had yet to ever develop in the West Virginia. By late 2009, he was proving his talents needed to be exposed to a greater hip-hop community. Sam's death was not only a loss for his family, friends and the state's music scene but also all the fans he would have acquired over the years to come.

Along with this record, we will be posting two more - along with videos, photos, art, and more. Whether you are a fan of hip-hop or not, take this opportunity to hear and get to know one of West Virginia's most talented and beloved sons.

Artist: Killer Affiliates.
Album: The Chelsea Grin.
Year: 2007.
For Fans Of: Blackalicious, Rob Sonic, Brother Ali.

* If you like this album, please support West Virginia hip-hop by purchasing it for $5.99 from wvrapscene.com.

Killer Affiliates: L-No, Meuwl, B Rude.


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