11 January 2010

DOWNLOAD: Drown Culture - My Best Advice for Intergalactic Trading

Space. Spaced. Spacey.

These are words often associated with Drown Culture. Started around 2001 by Dallas Campbell as a solo side project to Wheeling-based bands Killed at Camp and The Minus Tide, Drown Culture later caught on as a full band. My Best Advice for Intergalactic Trading from 2002 is the first release from the band, which in all has produced no less than six self-released records. Heavy on keyboards, computer-produced effects, a pulsed snare drum and spooky vocals, the concept of the band is scientific, futuristic and from out of this world. Band members (which have featured former The Minus Tide members Rosie Campbell and David Klug) call themselves "agents" and reading a couple lines from the band's bio gives you an idea:
Led by Agent 3844, a.k.a. Senior Officer Campbell, head of tactics and programming wing of the NAIS, the Drown Culture Group was formed to circumvent the activity of the Tri Beta Federation whose compromising relationship with the GTF facility had rendered the institution open to manipulation by corporate interests. The Drown Culture Group's independent research and technology development has since been made available to various individuals and groups, and has increasingly led them into covert involvement with several pivotal space and planetary battles throughout the galactic empire, particularly the Zebulon sector.
Taking influences from Gary Numan or The Human League, and hinting at contemporaries such as Hot Chip and Daft Punk, Drown Culture doesn't lack in quality where they lack in complete seriousness. Despite the band's part-time nature, Dallas Campbell has formulated over the years a sound and image worth more attention than most sci-fi electro pop rock projects... however many there are.

Artist: Drown Culture.
Album: My Best Advice for Intergalactic Trading.
Year: 2002.
For Fans Of: Gary Numan, Daft Punk, Kraftwerk.

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