07 January 2010

WATCH: The Videos of Meuwl

If you search for "Meuwl" on YouTube, you'll find plenty of videos of Sam and collaborators on stage or acting a fool. Meuwl's true talents were best presented live on the mic, and his all-too-disheveled-but-personal aesthetic balanced well with his energetic stage charisma and effortless rhymes. Here are some of those videos to give you an idea of what will be missed.

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  1. These are dope videos. We have others @ youtube.com/mrsfreedom207, and would love the help spreading them.

    We (as a production non-company) are finishing a DVD of a Rabble Rousers show at Shamrock's Pub in Huntington from last year. If anybody out there would like to collaborate, PLEASE get in touch. miller.mace@gmail.com

    PEACE and LOVE