09 November 2011

DOWNLOAD: Kukim - Live on the Morgantown Sound Show

Yesterday I posted a pair of videos of Kukim, the Morgantown band featuring ex-members of Lincoln. Where drummer Justin Wierbonski denies Lincoln being an emo band, instead calling them a rock band, it was Kukim that moved away from post-hardcore and more into the rock spectrum. While stylistically very similar to Lincoln, the guitars are less heavy with more hooks and less screaming. As stated, the band never released any material other than these eight tracks recorded live on U92's Morgantown Sound Show in 1994. The production is quite organic, as to be expected from a radio show recording, but powerful nonetheless. Kukim picks up quite well where Lincoln, one of the states best ever bands, left us wanting more after such an abbreviated existence.
Artist: Kukim
Album: Live on the Morgantown Sound Show
Year: 1994
For fans of: Lincoln, Drive Like Jehu, Unwound

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