03 November 2011

DOWNLOAD: Law Biting Citizens - Keep a Candle Burning

Law Biting Citizens enjoyed a healthy 10-year career as one of the premier hardcore bands in north central West Virginia. Having formed in 1995, the Morgantown band's core members were Jeremiah Munsey (vocals), Jordan Munsey (drums) and Jeff Goodwin (guitar) with a number of bass and guitar players along the way. Though considered a hardcore band with influences such as 7 Seconds, Minor Threat and Sick of It All, LBC's music proved to be less simple than that. Keep a Candle Burning, the band's final release in 2004, sums up an experienced career of writing creative, catchy songs that are both aggressive and melodic. The guitar playing in LBC's songs represent a love of old hardcore punk blended with jazz funk influences that brings to mind of Bad Brains or Greg Ginn. There are plenty of hooks, circle pit-friendly parts and thoughtful lyrics sung by Jeremiah's unique shout-sung vocals, which along with his intelligent lyrics are what make this band special for me. Every LBC show was an entertaining performance - absent of any contrived punk rock theatrics, but filled of spontaneous energy from individuals who cared about what they were playing and believed in what they were saying. Because of that sincerity, the scene believed in them, which is why the were able to outlive so many other local punk hardcore bands of the same era.
Artist: Law Biting Citizens
Album: Keep a Candle Burning
Year: 2004
For fans of: 7 Seconds, Sick of It All, Warzone

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