21 March 2012

DOWNLOAD: The Blanket Institute - fearsomeasinmouthwithscapel

Taking note from The Locust, The Blanket Institute played acerbic noise-rock with a heavy hint of irony and sarcasm. Hailing from Huntington, TBI was dual vocalists exchanging roars and screeches overtop of drumming and guitar playing that was equally frantic. Despite never quite being a serious band, TBI did record this low-quality demo in 2001 that quite well represent their bleak but provocative performance. Though this isn't the best or most approachable music I've posted on this blog, TBI was a fun and entertaining group of guys, and it's a rare piece of the Huntington music scene in the early '00s.

Artist: The Blanket Institute
Album: fearsomeasinmouthwithscapel
Year: 2001
For fans of: The Locust, Swing Kids, Melt Banana
DOWNLOAD: The Blanket Institute - fearsomeasinmouthwithscapel*
(Sorry for the lack of track titles.)

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  1. Haha! Wow. I cannot believe this exists! Mike you are awesome. I thought it was lost forever! Time to relive the old days.