09 April 2012

DOWNLOAD - Cave Record (Various Artists) - Songs For The Fruitbat

Songs for the Fruitbat is a 17-track compilation CD produced in 1995 for Elview-based label run by Brian Pauley and Scott Robinson. I've had plenty of posts about Dirt Bear, but the the comp also features four songs each from Charleston area groups Trout, Flood and Sevin (along with one bonus track from Lame). The compilation represents the diversity of music being made around Charleston in the mid-1990s. Fruitbat features a alt-punk-metal (Dirt Bear), heavy alternative in the vein of Helmet and Quicksand (Flood), snotty pop punk (Sevin) and fIREHOSE/Meat Puppets-esque alt rock (Trout). The comp is pretty well produced and features songs not featured on other records by the bands. Members of these bands went on to be in Westbygod, Shindig, Dead Ant Farm and others.

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