18 April 2012

DOWNLOAD: Watership Down - Dellicatessin

During this past South By Southwest, I got to reminisce about West Virginia bands with Robert McCutcheon (American Minor). It was Watership Down that Rob mentioned as his favorite band from the state. I remember hearing about this Charleston band, but it wasn't until Rob tracked down this album that I ever heard them. Before playing this album, I had no idea what Watership Down even sounded like. Being from Charleston in the mid-'90s, I presumed they played blend of pop punk and metal like most other bands from the area at that time. Instead what I heard was ramshackle pop rock in the vein of Pavement, Built To Spill or early Flaming Lips. "They were the first true 'indie rock band' I saw in Charleston," said Aaron Crothers (The Emergency), a self-described source close to the band. "It's just sloppy wonderfulness." This album, recorded at Cave Records in the mid-'90s, is truly wonderful and makes me want to hear more from the trio lead by Jeremy Brightbill. I believe it is the last recording by the band, who added female vocals from Jeremy's sister Jaimie on the record which adds a sweet poppy element to the otherwise angsty but melodic style driven messy instrumentation and Jeremy's laconic vocals. This record is really great, so if you're a fan of the aforementioned bands or anything from the '90s lo-fi indie movement, then this comes highly recommended.

Artist: Watership Down
Album: Dellicatessin
Year: mid-'90s
For fans of: Pavement, Built To Spill, Flaming Lips

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