16 August 2010

DOWNLOAD: Holden Caulfield - ...And Never Will

The final chapter in the eight year run of one of West Virginia's most beloved hardcore bands. A fitting end to a band that always carried a banner promoting a positive message of friendship and having a good time. Nowadays Holden Caulfield founder and frontman Dana White - beyond his role as a husband and new father - has recruited former band mate Bobby Midkiff and a pair of other local players to form a new band Black Seas. Though Black Seas does not depart far from the sound and style of Holden Caulfield, the end of Holden Caulfield still left a massive hole in the the West Virginia all-ages hardcore scene. One that may never be filled with such energy and sincerity. (That last sentence could have been the perfect place for a play on the title of this album, but I took the higher road.)

Artist: Holden Caulfield
Album: ...And Never Will
Year: 2008
For fans of: Most Precious Blood, Stretch Arm Strong, Sick of it All

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