02 August 2010

DOWNLOAD: Holden Caulfield - Beginning of Forever and Ever

By the time of their last show in August 2008 - after eight years and dozens of line-up changes - Holden Caulfield proved to be West Virginia's most tenured and adored bands. Formed in Charleston in 2000 by Dana White and members of Logan County punk trio Out of Nowhere, White remained at the center of Holden Caulfield in its every incarnation. Over nearly a decade as members came and went, White recruited new guitar players, bassists and drummers from the all-ages hardcore/punk scene for which he has long served as the proverbial grandfather.

Through all the years and changes, Holden Caulfield always stayed true to the mission of creating hardcore with a positive backbone. And it all started with 2002's Beginning of Forever and Ever (appropriately named in the foreshadowing of the band's longevity). Though a rough demo that doesn't quite fit in with the sound and style of the Holden Caulfield's future recordings, Beginning of Forever and Ever definitely serves as a pre-cursor for the band's career.

While later Holden Caulfield more resembled the metal side of hardcore like Most Precious Blood or Burn It Down; on this demo the music is more melodic and punk and shows influence from Silent Majority and Stretch Arm Strong. the sing-scream vocals give nod to Mike Patton (as does the cover of Faith No More's "Last Cup of Sorrow"). At the heart of all Holden Caulfield material, though, has been a sense of humor with a serious message about friendship and family and positivity. That is never more apparent than with song-along anthem "Rock and Roll Woman," or on the demo's final track "Complacency Is Really Just A Bunch Of Screaming Dudes," on which the members of the bands... well... scream.

Dana White has tenacity, and it paid off. While many musicians would become frustrated with leading a band with a revolving door of members, White's ambition to have a successful paid off with a discography of five albums and demos (a pair of which released on Surprise Attack Records), a number of regional and national tours, and dozens of shows to excited kids, many of which getting into hardcore music because of Holden Caulfield alone. The rest of HC's discography to come this week.

Artist: Holden Caulfield
Album: Beginning of Forever and Ever
Year: 2002
For fans of: Stretch Arm Strong, Silent Majority, Most Precious Blood

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