03 August 2010

DOWNLOAD: Holden Caulfield - The Art Of Burning Bridges

On 2003's The Art of Burning Bridges, Holden Caulfield begins developing the aggressive, visceral hardcore sound that became so familiar over the next five years of the band's existence. Departing entirely from the punk rock feel of the previous demo, this EP is full of riff-heavy guitars that chug along between breakdowns. Dana White's vocals that teeter between his unmistakable Brother's Keeper-inspired shrieks and the Rollins-inspired bellowing more familiar from his days with Down To None (whose song "Hate Through Hate" Holden Caulfield covers on this EP). These elements combined with sporadic melodic moments and plenty crowd-inclusive lyrics made for song-alongs has been a successful recipe for many hardcore bands since the late '90s. Just as it worked in Stretch Arm Strong on the song "For Now", it worked for Holden Caulfield, who achieved what many West Virginia bands couldn't in developing a loyal regional fan base over half a decade - playing to crowds more common at touring band's shows. That is due in part to the loyalty of Dana White and Holden Caulfield had for their fans and their music. So it is ironic that this EP is called The Art of Burning Bridges, because burning bridges seemed to be something Holden Caulfield was not good at.

Artist: Holden Caulfield
Album: The Art of Burning Bridges
Year: 2003
For fans of: Stretch Arm Strong, Sick Of It All, Most Precious Blood

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