15 February 2011

DOWNLOAD: The Minus Tide - The Rock Autopsy Has Begun

The Minus Tide has been mentioned plenty on this blog in relation to Killed at Camp, M Iafrate or Drown Culture. They've been mentioned not only because of their relation to great bands from the Wheeling area, but because The Minus Tide still stands as one of West Virginia's finest ever metal/hardcore acts.

Setting itself apart by combining influences of metal, hardcore, emo and rock. Using dueling guitar leads seesawed with heavy, crunchy riffs is nothing new to metalcore. The Minus Tide took it to a new level blending it 16-bit sounding synths adding to the music's menacing, cerebral feel. It is this element combined with throat-melting screamo vocals and conceptual lyrics that created the band's otherworldly sci-fi metal style.

The Rock Autopsy Has Begun, the out-of-print six-track EP released in 2002, is where it all started. It takes thirteen seconds of creepy tension-building synth/guitar sounds before the power of The Minus Tide's songwriting and musical brilliance is apparent. The music is confrontational and abrasive but technical and rhythmic. While some technical metallic hardcore acts such as Converge, The Dillinger Escape Plan or Zao may turn away some listeners with seemingly chaotic noise, The Minus Tide is a rock band at heart with mid-'90s emo sensibilities. It is this that setsthe band apart from other metalcore outfits. Their songs, though dramatic and fierce, are listenable, which attributed to the success of their short-lived career. I will continue to post their records over the next week.

Artist: The Minus Tide
Album: The Rock Autopsy Has Begun
Year: 2002
For Fans Of: Converge, Iron Maiden, Zao

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