09 January 2012

LISTEN: Friday Nights Lights and West Virginia

In October I wrote about Friday Night Lights, and how the first season closed with Bright Eyes' rendition of Daniel Johntston's "Devil Town." It was exciting as a new fan of the show that a song by a West Virginia (and Austin) native had been used.
Last night, with bittersweet emotions, I finished the series. (Best ever.) In one of the final episodes, though, it wasn't football that made me sit up and cheer (it rarely is on this fantastic show). Instead it was hearing Daniel Martin Moore's "Flyrock Blues" playing in the background of a quiet scene between two characters. With anticipation, I listened for the line where he sings, "In West Virginia the water's bad, and there just ain't no peace to be had." I was excited to clearly hear the name of my home state on my favorite show. It's a good song, so give it a listen, but if you haven't watched FNL, do.

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