10 January 2012

DOWNLOAD: Connie Dungs - Earthbound for the Holiday

This is the third full-length released on Mutant Pop Records from Eastern Kentucky's most successful snotty pop punk band Connie Dungs. By this point, the Dungs were moving their style from sounding like the Ramones into Jawbreaker territory. There are plenty of three-chord hooks and clever lyrics. Holiday also features back-up vocals from Mass Giorgini of Squirtgun. Having experienced quite a bit of success in the region around Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia and Tennessee, the Connie Dungs also received plenty of praise in Maximumrocknroll, Flipside and Punk Planet over the years between 1995 to 2000. Brandon Tussey later went on to form the excellent A Radio With Guts.

Artist: Connie Dungs
Album: Earthbound for the Holiday
Year: 1999
For fans of: The Ramones, Jawbreaker, Screeching Weasel

DOWNLOAD: Connie Dungs - Earthbound for the Holiday

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