23 February 2010

DOWNLOAD: The Emergency - How Can You Move?

Apologies for the lack of posts over the last couple weeks, but Soft Rock Renegade is going to return with a treat this week - the discography of West Virginia's finest indie rock The Emergency.

On the Morgantown trio's Myspace page under the band's influences is a note that reads "This is for real... Catch us if you can... Combine and compare..." followed by images of five dozen record covers ranging from The Beatles to AC/DC to Husker Du to Ice Cube to Neil Young to Soundgarden. To review The Emergency's body of music from 2003's How Can You Move? to 2008's EMC is to do just just what they said - "Combine and compare."

The songs of all these albums - simply put - are indie rock and roll power pop ballads. (Okay. Maybe that wasn't simply put.) The Emergency were skilled at taking elements of so many of their influences from all decades including classic rock, soft rock, hard rock, cock rock, indie rock and some hip-hop and soul, as well. There are hooks-a-plenty, tracks that make you dance, sing along, brood, and of course, drink.

While the Guided By Voices/Robert Pollard influence (think Isolation Drills) is obvious and well executed in the The Emergency's music, it is their live performance where it is even more appreciated - a true rock and roll party where plenty of booze flows both on stage and in the crowd. Combine quirky but well-written rock songs, clever lyrics and a lot of hooks with intoxicated show-goers, what you get is drinks in the air and everyone in the room singing along, dancing and having a great night. And that is what a great rock band does, and The Emergency was a great rock band. Period.

Over the next three days I will post their three records - all of which come highly recommended.

Artist: The Emergency.
Album: How Can You Move?
Year: 2003.
For Fans Of: Guided By Voices, The Who, Pavement.

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  1. I like that the Emergency inspires Jay Marinelli to hit himself in the head with a tambourine.