03 February 2010

DOWNLOAD: Rare Birds - Beginning

This record was provided to me by my friend Jeremy Casto, who called it the best ever record by a Morgantown band. So I asked him to give me a write-up about it. This is what he said:
What little I know:

- Jay Demko and Jeremy Kline (Who Killed Teacher) were in this band. I know others (like Brian Wolfe) were involved, but I do not know to what extent.

- This record was recorded in the late '90s.

- It's great.
Thanks, Jeremy. To give you some more information, Jay Demko played guitar/vocals in the Morgantown-based hardcore/emo pioneers Lincoln, as well as Kukim, Glendale and others. Unlike any of those prior projects, Rare Birds is a ambient and experimental swirl of free jazz with punk ideals that is very loosely in the vein of Lungfish, Wilderness or Deerhunter. The music is dissonant and meandering but the exceptional instrumentation (which is always the case in a Demko project) is intense and engaging.

Artist: Rare Birds.
Album: Beginning.
Year: "In the late '90s."
For Fans Of: Lungish, Wilderness, Deerhunter.


  1. It's Jay Demko Jeremy Kleine John jakewics brian Wolf on this record all instrumentation is pretty even between Demko and Kleine switching instruments through out recording. Most drums are played by Jake except one track by Demko and one by wolf . This record was recorded on a Tascam 4 track and mastered to a 1/4 inch reel to reel. Thanks for calling it the best ever record by a Morgantown band that's very nice. Peace